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Dated: 04/30/2019

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Mission Valley

What’s Here

Although it’s where all the big-box retailers and always-crowded Fashion Valley mall are, the neighborhood is suburban light—you can live in a manicured planned community and still be in a central location minutes from downtown. And as San Diego traffic worsens over time, investing in housing near the trolley isn’t a bad idea.

Why Now

Prices for townhouses and condos dipped slightly from 2018 to 2019, to a median sale price of $357,500. Plus, there’s a lot of new home construction happening, like the 230-acre master-planned community Civita.

Avella townhomes

What You Can Get

In Civita, brand-new homes are for sale in three subcommunities, with three-bedrooms ranging from $700,000 to $900,000. There’s a wide range of existing condos in Mission Valley, and they can cost anywhere from the low-$300,000s to high-$500,000s.

On the Horizon

You can see the construction at the Town and Country from the 8 freeway. It’s part of a $70 million plan to renovate the resort, which will have a 12-acre river park and 840 new residences when complete. Civita will have about 5,000 new houses, a retail center, and an office complex when it’s fully built out.

The Long View

A lot more development could be on the way for Mission Valley. There's still a plan to develop the Riverwalk Golf Club into a residential and commercial area. In the long-term, Mission Valley will also be home to San Diego State University’s West campus, with a stadium, river park, and student housing.

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