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Dated: 09/05/2018

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All stress and no play makes Jill grumpy, unproductive and ....

Well we all know that stress can cause a litany of diseases, syndromes, and conditions, which can plague our body, mind, and soul. So I don't know why learning this shocked me: according to a recent analysis of more than 200 studies, done by Harvard Business School and Stanford University, some stress can be as bad for us as secondhand tobacco smoke.

An article by the American Journal of Play details not only how much children's play time has declined, but how this lack of play affects emotional development, leading to the rise of anxiety, depression, and problems of attention and self control.

I've found doing things I enjoy, REGULARLY, helps to counteract the stresses and pressures of business.

First and foremost, I enjoy being with people of all ages - ranging from my grandchildren and children (age 1 and above), up to the elderly people I exercise with at my physical therapy gym. I'm very social and tend to blend work and social acquaintances because I am inherently friendly.  I find that there is something to glean from everyone I meet.

With little children, I see the world through their eyes and it's delightful! They think literally and don’t have the adult stresses like job, money, or relationship issues. Seeing their world takes me there too! When I'm with elderly people (even way older than me) I learn from their lifetime of experiences.  They are generally very wise and adaptable to change, which Iadmire. Some of them tell me “off-color” jokes and they watch to see my response. We all laugh and laughter truly is a great medicine!

A camper or a sportsperson . . . definitely not me. I'm the last of the great indoorsmen! For me, camping is staying at a place like the Holiday Inn. Give me a clean bed, a bathroom, and a TV and I shall be content! Beyond that, I love going to the beach, traveling, reading, and enjoying good meals with friends. Photography is another love of mine. I feel so fortunate because San Diego offers one of the best climates in the world and I find joy in that - being able to spend time outdoors year-round is still a novelty for me, even after living here for 45 years (from the East Coast). Do I dare mention that I also watch series' on Netflix? 

After re-reading this, no wonder I feel so busy! I do try to squeeze in many of the things I love into my days. Even though work can be stressful at times I also deeply love it. I have a very full life and am grateful for every day!

How about you? Are you playing enough?

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